Thank you Conserve School!

WAEE is proud to showcase the partners that support the 2011 WAEE Fall Conference.   

It is wonderful to have member organizations supporting the Fall Conference and this year Conserve School has really stepped up to show their support for WAEE.   Thank you for supporting this year’s Fall Conference at the Watershed Level.

Who wouldn’t want to learn and grow surrounded by this? 

Conserve School is a semester school focused on the theme of environmental stewardship. Attending Conserve School gives high school students a one-semester opportunity to step out of their regular school and into an exceptional educational setting, while still continuing their required academic studies”.  The Conserve School “inspires young people to environmental stewardship through academics and engagement with the forests, lakes, and wildlife of Lowenwood”.  The teachers and staff work very hard to accomplish the college preparatory work that all students need but then also work on things like environmental history, nature literature, environmental service work, teamwork, leadership, conservation and engaging the students directly with the outdoors. Students thrive in an environment that includes eight lakes, over 20 miles of trails and extensive cross-country ski trails. There are opportunities for students to try out and practice many outdoor hobbies and sports during all four seasons. 

Not only is Conserve School a great place for students to learn but they are an example of a sustainable school and building practices. Students learn through hands-on methods right on campus about green topics like renewable energies, gardening, beekeeping, maple syruping, waste water treatment, recycling and composting. The students also play a major role in continuing to research and add other sustainable practices to the campus. 
For more information about the Conserve School visit their website at

WAEE is honored to be able to have Conserve School as a Watershed sponsor for this year’s Fall Conference.


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WAEE is your direct connection to Environmental Education (EE) in Wisconsin. Join teachers, naturalists, youth leaders, natural resource professionals and others dedicated to learning more and educating all persons about the natural and built environment. WAEE is a non-profit organization that sponsors conferences, workshops, and gatherings to promote professional growth and networking opportunities. Our organization also supports the work of its members through statewide initiatives, professional resources and recognition.
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One Response to Thank you Conserve School!

  1. As the Head of Conserve School I would like to acknowledge the support we have received from WAEE. It is through statewide partnerships that we all grow stronger. I hope to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones at the Fall Conference this year.

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