Thank you Didion Ethanol!

WAEE is proud to showcase the partners that support the 2011 WAEE Fall Conference.

It is amazing to have companies that are committed to sustainable practices.  But having those companies step up and show that they are also committed to teaching those practices to the next generation is unbelievable. WAEE is so excited to have Didion Ethanol as a sponsor for the Fall Conference this year.
Didion Ethanol is just a small part of the larger Didion Milling company. This family owned company has been working with agricultural processing for more than 40 years but just in 2006 added their ethanol facility. The whole company is innovative and forward thinking but the ethanol facility really is going above and beyond the industry norm for sustainability and energy efficiency. ” In May 2009, we successfully implemented a water recycling initiative aimed at reducing our water requirements in the production process and a larger benefit of taking out any risk to the environment”.

Didion is also announced its intentions to attain a Green Masters Program certification through the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council by the end of 2011.  Along with the Green Masters Program, Didion strives to reduce energy consumption with their Energy Team, a group that meets to specifically reduce the company’s energy consumption.  A couple of past projects have saved enough energy to power and heat 828 homes.  Didion Green Logo

This family company places a high value on the people that make up their company. “Our biggest asset is our existing workforce and we believe that human capital is the primary source for a competitive advantage”.  So I guess it really shouldn’t be a surprise that they are so supportive of environmental education and reaching the workforce of the next generation.

The Didion Ethanol website offers great explanations of the companies ethanol products, a tour of the process and some great explanations of common misconceptions about their products.

Thanks so much to Didion Milling and specifically Didion Ethanol for their support of environmental education!


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