Thank you Wisconsin Green Schools Network!

WAEE is proud to showcase the partners that support the 2011 WAEE Fall Conference.

The WI Green Schools Network has been connected with the WAEE for several years now. We have partnered with them to share resources, promote programs and get even more teachers and education professionals involved with environmental education. Partnerships like this really help this field to maximize our impact and the number of students we can ultimately reach. Wisconsin Green Schools Network logo

WI Green Schools Network “is a network of educators and other professionals committed to helping teachers use the environment as a context for learning to develop students’ environmental literacy while increasing academic achievement”.EE in WI 

To be a green school you have to be implementing the five Core Practices developed by the Green Charter Schools Network.
1. Curriculum that Advances Environmental Literacy and Sustainability
Stewardship and Service Learning
Sustainable Facilities Design and Management
Health and Well Being 
5. Strong Partnerships and Networks

For a complete description of these core practices go here. But basically they touch on every aspect of the school, what the children are learning, where they are learning, what they are eating while they learn, who and how they connect with the real world outside of school and what the students are doing to help the real world outside of school. If a school is doing all of these things in a green way or working to improve their sustainability in these areas they can be certified as a green school.

I think we probably all agree that every school should be working on these core practices. That every school could and should be a green school. But in these financial times when cuts are being made to every program imaginable it is just not that easy. Networks like this one that can help administrators and teachers learn more, connect and share resources are extremely valuable. We need to get the word out to schools around the state about this program and be fighting to make every school improve in all of these areas.

If you want to get involved with the green schools network or learn more about what they are up to you can check them out on Facebook or Twitter. You can also connect with some of the folks involved with the green schools network in WI and Minnesota by joining their online group.

Go here to see some of the schools that are currently a part of the Green School Network.



About wisconsinassociationforenvironmentaleducation

WAEE is your direct connection to Environmental Education (EE) in Wisconsin. Join teachers, naturalists, youth leaders, natural resource professionals and others dedicated to learning more and educating all persons about the natural and built environment. WAEE is a non-profit organization that sponsors conferences, workshops, and gatherings to promote professional growth and networking opportunities. Our organization also supports the work of its members through statewide initiatives, professional resources and recognition.
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