Thank you Science Kit & Boreal Labs!

WAEE is proud to showcase the partners that support the 2011 WAEE Fall Conference

If you are a teacher in need of some piece of science equipment for your classroom look no further! This site has some of the most amazing kits and supplies for teaching almost every area of science. Studying plants? Then you definitely need a root-vue farm. This would be an awesome way for kids to watch plants grow and see up close what roots are doing underneath the ground. Studying the human body? A real bone human skull would be a great addition to the lesson! And what kid wouldn’t want to learn about earth quakes and see first hand what an earth quake can do ? For that you will need the shake, rattle and roll earthquake board. The list of amazing supplies and equipment goes on and on.

But they don’t just have the cool and extreme stuff for your classroom, they have the standards that every science teacher needs as well. Like magnifying glasses, microscopes, compasses, thermometers and forceps. Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories really does carry just about everything!

They have a whole section for the younger kids equipment too. The Elementary section has some science crafting projects and a whole inquiry based/science fair section. Plus, they also have equipment like microscopes that is specifically designed for younger hands. One thing that I noticed while I was browsing around is that many of their products indicate that they are “teacher developed and classroom tested”. I think this is HUGE! There is nothing worse than buying something to use with children in the classroom or the non-formal setting and then having it be a complete failure when children actually try to use it. They have actually used their products in a classroom and know that they work. That can really help a teacher feel much more confident about their purchase!

And this site is great for parents too. I could have done all of my christmas shopping in the homeschool-biology section! It would be awesome to teach my girls about mitosis with a hands on model or dissect owl pellets at the kitchen table. Okay, maybe that is not the perfect afternoon activity for every parent but it certainly got me excited!

Having supplies like the ones that this company offers in every classroom would be amazing. WAEE is thrilled to have Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories as a part of our Fall Conference sponsors so that we can help spread the word to science teachers about the great products that they have to offer. Be sure to head to their website and check them out!

~Abbie Enlund, WAEE Board Member & Greening Sam and Avery


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