Thank you UW Environmental Resources Center!

WAEE is proud to showcase the partners that support the 2011 WAEE Fall Conference

The mission of the Environmental Resources Center (ERC)  is all about that last step in environmental education, creating a environmental responsible citizenry. Citizens that will think about the environment before they make choices in their lives so that they know their choices are sustainable ones. This is a difficult task to take on. Schools focus mostly on the knowledge step in environmental education and so programs like the ERC are so valuable because they help to take that knowledge one step further and ensure we are creating a population that knows how and IS living a sustainable lifestyle.

 “The ERC leads environmental research and outreach on topics such as best environmental education practices, bioenergy generation and environmental sustainability, communicating about the environment, farm and home environmental management, training for conservation professionals, volunteer water quality monitoring, water program planning and evaluation, watershed education, and youth environmental stewardship education.”

 The ERC works with the UW-Extension and the UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences to reach students and members of the community from all over the state. Their website offers links to resources on forestry, agriculture, water, invasive species, volunteer programs, hazardous waste and professional training in conservation issues. There really is something for everyone.


 The Environmental Resources Center has been a strong support of the WAEE for many years now and the partnership continues to grow. We are grateful that they showed their support for environmental educators all over the state once again this year by being a sponsor for the WAEE Fall Conference.

~Abbie Enlund, WAEE Board Member & Greening Sam and Avery


About wisconsinassociationforenvironmentaleducation

WAEE is your direct connection to Environmental Education (EE) in Wisconsin. Join teachers, naturalists, youth leaders, natural resource professionals and others dedicated to learning more and educating all persons about the natural and built environment. WAEE is a non-profit organization that sponsors conferences, workshops, and gatherings to promote professional growth and networking opportunities. Our organization also supports the work of its members through statewide initiatives, professional resources and recognition.
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