Climate Kids

NASA Gives Kids Their Own Guide to Climate Change

A blinking red-eyed tree frog and flitting butterfly greet visitors to the new NASA Climate Kids website. Targeting grades 4 ­ 6, this kid-friendly guide de-mystifies one of the most important science issues of our time. The site answers the ³Big Questions² about global climate change using simple illustrations, humor, interactivity, and age-appropriate language. For example, one interactive feature is the Climate Time Machine, which reveals how global changes have affected or will affect our planet over time. Climate Tales has animal cartoon characters coping, more or less good humoredly, with the effects humans are having on their habitats. A collection of Earth-science-related games offers such experiences as Wild Weather Adventure and Missions to Planet Earth. A Green Careers section profiles real people doing jobs that help slow climate change.

Visit Climate Kids at


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