EPA’s EE in Action Webinars [Wisconsin Environmental Education]

 An awesome opportunity for educator’s from the EPA!

EPA’s Office of Environmental Education (OEE) will host three webinars for educators during National Environmental Education Week (April 16-20, 2012). The webinars will be part of a kick-off for a new initiative at EPA, called Environmental Education in Action (EE in Action), that will showcase environmental education programs and resources, including grant projects funded by OEE. See http://www.epa.gov/education for more information.

Join us on the following dates to learn about EE resources available to formal and informal educators across the country. All webinars will be recorded for those who cannot join us live. You must pre-register for each webinar using the links provided below.

Webinar #1: Environmental Education for Everyone: EPA’s ‘K through Grey’ Educational Resources

Date: April 17, at 4:00pm EST.

Summary: EPA’s Office of Environmental Education (OEE), has a wealth of information on educational resources that educators can use off the shelf in formal school classrooms and informal educational settings, or in development of a larger curriculum. OEE has programs for students of all ages – “K through Grey” – and will walk you through all of these great resources available on the OEE website.

Webinar pre-registration: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/291032976

Dial-In Number on 4/17:             (877) 290-8017      , Conference ID 69115722

Webinar #2: Creating the Link Between Emerging Urban and Existing Environmental Education Programs

Date: April 18, 2012, at 4:00pm EST.

Summary: Many novel and vibrant EE initiatives are emerging in cities across the United States. However, these programs and more established environmental education (EE) efforts are often disconnected from each other. The webinar will examine how recent urban EE approaches and established EE networks are coming together through the Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education (EECapacity) Project. Cornell University’s Civic Ecology Laboratory manages the Project with funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Webinar pre-registration: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/677103408

Dial-in number on 4/18:             (877) 290-8017      , Conference ID 691206

Webinar #3: Greening STEM: Environmental Resources and Tools for Inspiring 21st Century Learning

Date: April 19, 2012, at 4:00pm EST.

Summary: Recognizing the environment as a compelling portal for STEM learning, the nonprofit National Environmental Education Foundation is celebrating National Environmental Education Week 2012 (eeweek.org) by providing resources and tools to help educators utilize the environment to engage their students in STEM. Webinar participants will learn about NEEF’s wide range of environmental education resources including free educator toolkits focused on incorporating STEM into popular environmental topics, as well as educator webinars, online standards-based curricula, lesson plans and hands-on lab activities.

Webinar pre-registration: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/309392217

Dial-In Number on 4/19:             (877) 290-8017      , Conference ID 69123562



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