Mentorship Program – April Activity

The Mentorship Program accomplishes WAEE’s mission of networking by linking experienced environmental educators to those who are new in the field. There are no set criteria for being a mentor or mentee. Mentors should be available to answer questions, serve as a reference, or even provide practicum experience for their mentee while mentees can ask questions, look for potential employment, and even use their mentor as a reference. Mentorship program participants meet at a WAEE event, share contact information, determine a goal for the partnership, and share a conference meal. Mentorship activities are suggested in the WAEE monthly newsletter.

April’s Mentorship Activity: 

Share a photo(s) that is meaningful to you with your mentor/mentee.  Discuss its importance to you.  Consider continuous sharing of photos through a website such as Flickr.  Then, your mentor/mentee can stay in touch with the important moments in your life.

If you are a member that is not a part of the mentorship program but would like to be or if you would just like more information about the program please contact Karla Lockman (

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