Energy Education – Energy Literacy guide

The WI K-12 Energy Education Program (a WAEE organizational member!) was an education partner in helping to create a guide to encourage energy literacy for all citizens, Energy Literacy.

” Energy Literacy: Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Energy Education presents energy concepts that, if understood and applied, will help individuals and communities make informed energy decisions.”

“This guide does not seek to identify all areas of energy understanding, but rather to focus on those that are essential for all citizens.”

“The intended audience for this document is anyone involved in energy education. Used in formal educational environments, this guide provides direction without adding new concepts to the educator’s curriculum. This guide is not a curriculum. The Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts offer a framework upon which curricula can be based without prescribing when, where, or how content is to be delivered.”

This is an incredible document that is much needed in all areas of energy education. Be sure to check it out. Head to Global Change to find the guide and other related resources.

And to hear more about the KEEP program you can head here or to their website here.

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