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One organization that is highlighted by the National Environmental Education Week as a part of their theme this year, Greening STEM: The Environment as Inspiration for 21st Century Learning, is

“ is a website that provides informal learning opportunities for students through over 150 free “journeys” with transdisciplinary activities on the computer, in the classroom and out in the community, linking museums, institutions and contemporary practices with the wonder of the built and natural world. encourages explorations of tools used by scientists, artists, designers and environmentalists to engage student led projects. Discovery “journeys” and workshops deliver STEAM teaching and learning and information about environmental design careers into remote classrooms.”

I took a look at this resource and was very impressed! I simply clicked on “Environment”, then “Discovery” and finally “Public Space”. This got me to instructions for three different, fairly intense, activities. The ideas were incredible and if I were a kid (or a parent with more time to spare!) I would LOVE to try and tackle these activities. The ideas are forward thinking, eye opening and the possibilities for learning seem endless!

So head over to and check it all out!

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