“Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin” – DPI curriculum on local foods

As a parent one of the biggest battles I face is at meal time. I feel like a robot that is constantly saying phrases such as “just one more bite”, “please try it”, “how do you know you won’t like it until you try it”, “yes I know it is green but that doesn’t mean it tastes bad” and many more. Please tell me other parents face this battle too?

Well, wouldn’t it be awesome if our little ones were learning how to eat a wider variety of foods, healthy foods and local foods at school? The statement “it takes a village to raise a child” comes to my mind right about now and it would be awesome to have the schools helping out with eating habits (not that they don’t have enough to do already!).

The WI Department of Public Instruction is actually doing this! They have recently created a new program called Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin

“The Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin (NDW) curriculum is a thematic unit of instruction that uses local foods to teach nutrition concepts to elementary students. Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin focuses on Wisconsin foods with a connection to Wisconsin’s history, culture, and people. The primary goal of this curriculum is to broaden the food experiences of Wisconsin students and provide another aspect to the study of nutrition as part of the study of our great state.”

The lessons are geared mostly toward third to fifth grade students but there are extensions and ways to use these lessons for both younger and older classes. Students learn about the parts of plants that we eat, what different food groups do for the human body, where food comes from, how to make good food choices and much more! The lessons include vocabulary, hands on activities, games, food tasting, worksheets, online resources and more.

This really looks like a great resource provided to teachers and educators from the WI DPI!

Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin

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