There’s An App for That!

The world of “apps” is expanding like crazy! The iPhone, iPod and iPad all have the ability to have apps that can entertain you or help you with pretty much anything. And there are even a lot of nature apps that are coming out. Even though most of us would probably get away from the screen and get out in nature bringing a little screen along with you can become a big help in educating yourself or your little ones. Identification apps can be great ways to learn all kinds of new species names while you are out exploring.

Check out some of these apps!

Tree PRO HD – Nature Mobile – tree identification app

Audubon Guides – the National Audubon Society has a lot of different identification apps available (birds, butterflies, mammals, trees, etc.)

iBird Backyard Plus – focusing just on backyard birds

WeBird – a bird song app that helps you identify birds by their songs. Developed by a UW-Madison Professor! Read a story about the creator here.

Leafsnap – Developed by Columbia University and others this app allows you to take a picture of a leaf and then the app will do all the identification work for you.

Distant Suns 3 – learn about stars and constellations

I am sure there are tons more! But these are a few for you to check out. Then just start searching through the iTunes App Store and you just never know what you will find!

Enjoy and if you come across a great nature related App be sure to share it in a comment!

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One Response to There’s An App for That!

  1. kllockman says:

    I plan on doing an App-a-week for my high school students next year. Thanks for saving me time and finding these great apps for me to use! I find so many useful resources from WAEE! Thanks!

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