WAEE Photos from the MREA Energy Fair

Have you ever been to the MREA Energy Fair? If not you need to mark your calendar RIGHT NOW for next year because you missed one heck of an event this past weekend. The networking, learning, good food, good entertainment and great people all make this a must see event!

WAEE had a larger than usual presence at the MREA Energy Fair this past weekend which I am SUPER excited about. I have been a part of this event for four years now, coordinating the Rainbow’s End Children’s Workshop Tent and have grown to really love the Energy Fair and all of the people involved with making it such a huge success. I also see this event as a great opportunity for WAEE to get more involved in the sustainable living community, reach more educators and build more partnerships.

This year WAEE ran a children’s workshop, helped coordinate the Educator Workshop tent and the Educator Resources tent, helped staff the Educator Resources tent, hosted a WAEE Networking session and helped promote the Energy Fair. WAEE Members were also all over this Fair! Many of the Children’s workshop presenters are WAEE members, there were WAEE members as entertainers and exhibitors. Plus members could be seen all  over the grounds just as attendees!

Take a look at all the WAEE Members that we caught at the Fair!

And a BIG thank you goes out to all of the amazing staff at MREA (also an organizational member!) for an amazing Energy Fair 2012!

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