Stay Connected with EE Nationally

Of course we want all of our members to stay up to date with what is going on in the State. WAEE works really hard to try and get all the most current information out to our members and other educators across the state. We do that through:

  1. This Blog!
  2. Our EE Newsletter that goes electronically to all members.
  3. Our Facebook page.
  4. Our website.
  5. Submitting to the statewide site,

But we also feel it is very important to stay up to date and connected to what is going on with environmental education around the country. The North American Association for Environmental Education offers a great service called EElinked Networks that can help environmental educators learn about all kinds of programs, resources, services and much more that are happening all over the country.

The list of currently available networks includes;

  1. EECapacity State Consortia
  2. EEjobs
  3. EELinked
  4. EEResearch
  5. Environmental Literacy Plans
  6. Guidelines for Excellence
  7. NAAEE Affiliate Network
  8. NAAEE Conference Bulletin Board
  9. NAAEE Inclusivity Network

This list provides lots of great options for places to ask questions, find help on any topic or connect with people working on similar projects around the country. You can join this free resource here!

How do you stay current with national EE news? Let us know!

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