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Fall is right around the corner and schools around the nation are gearing up to start, some in just the next few days. How many teachers do you think are including sustainability, environmental issues, environmental stewardship or other environmental topics in their plans for this year? Hopefully that number is very high but unfortunately it is probably not as many as we would like to see.

I recently was passed along a link to a great company that is trying to make it much easier for teachers to bring education for sustainability into their classrooms. Creative Change Educational Solutions, 

is a nonprofit organization focused making education for sustainability a focus of K20 policy and practice. We serve leading educators who understand the ethical need to educate for a greener economy, revitalized communities and a more equitable society.  We are the bridge between educational institutions and sustainability leaders in business, government and academiaAbout Us

They are constantly working to develop programs that really work in schools at all grade levels, train teachers on those programs through extensive professional development courses and spearhead national campaigns that encourage schools to integrate education for sustainability into their curriculum.

Their programs include;

One thing that really stood out to me (besides the amazing content in their programs!) is the section on their website designated just to showing how they “Walk the Talk“.  They are proving themselves every day to not only be a company that wants to teach about sustainability through education but also by being an example! It is incredible to see a company that is truly thinking about how they can live and work in more sustainable ways on a daily basis.

I would strongly encourage both formal and non-formal educators in all subject areas to check out the resources and professional development opportunities that are available through this company!

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