Announcement from DPI for all Educators

The below message is directly from the DPI and State Superintendent, Tony Evers.


DPI News for Educators

Professional Development Plans go 100% electronic on September 1st

Now that PDP is ELECTRONIC, where do I start?

 Question: Who are the electronic PDP Providers?

QEI (Quality Educator Interactive):

WECAN PDP (Electronic Professional Development Plan):

Please review the web site for each provider and chose the electronic PDP provider that best suits your needs as an educator. Both providers have the capacity to serve your electronic PDP needs.

You will no longer be required to submit paper Goal Approval Forms or paper PDP Verification Forms to DPI. Effective September 1, 2012, the PDP Provider will store your Goal Approval and PDP Documents.

In addition, the PDP Provider will send your PDP Verification to DPI electronically.

 Question:  I’m not sure if I am required to complete a PDP.

Are you an educator who received your Initial Educator License or your license for the first time in a license category (teacher, pupil services, or administrator) after 8/31/2004?  Have you been working at least three full years during the 5 year term of your license?

If you answer yes to both questions, then you must complete a PDP prior to your License Renewal deadline.

 Question:  I’m required to complete a PDP.  Where do I start?

Review the web sites of the two electronic PDP Providers (see QEI and/or WECAN PDP links above)

 Choose the electronic PDP Provider that best suits your needs as an educator.

 Question:  What if I’m already in the process of completing a PDP?  What should I do?

Contact the electronic PDP provider of your choice.  Continue on the PDP timeline as you work with the PDP provider to transition all of your paper documents to an electronic format. Even if you are at the Goal Approval or Verification stages of your PDP, you must transition to an electronic PDP provider so that your documentation can be submitted electronically to DPI.

 Question: I’m not sure whether I’m an Initial Educator or a Professional Educator.

To confirm whether you hold an Initial Educator License or a Professional Educator License,

 you may search the Educator License Lookup link at:

Next to your License Type, you will be able to see if you hold an Initial Educator or Professional Educator License.

 Question:  I want to talk with someone at DPI about transitioning to an electronic PDP provider.  Who should I contact?

Your contact at DPI for any PDP questions is:

Dr. Catherine L. Cullen


Please post until December 1,2012

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