Mentorship Program – September Activity

The Mentorship Program accomplishes WAEE’s mission of networking by linking experienced environmental educators to those who are new in the field. There are no set criteria for being a mentor or mentee. Mentors should be available to answer questions, serve as a reference, or even provide practicum experience for their mentee while mentees can ask questions, look for potential employment, and even use their mentor as a reference. Mentorship program participants meet at a WAEE event, share contact information, determine a goal for the partnership, and share a conference meal. Mentorship activities are suggested in the WAEE monthly newsletter.

If you are interested in becoming an environmental education mentor with WAEE or feel you might benefit from being a mentee please contact the WAEE office at

And if you are already a part of this program be sure to connect with your mentor/mentee and participate in the September activity.

September Activity: Give a “virtual tour” of your community — provide URLs for the school the mentee attends (if available), the workplace the mentor works at, the local paper, community groups you are interested in or consider particularly active, etc. Comment about what you learned about the area.

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