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Just a quick one to tell you about another EE blog!

As a fellow blogger I am always looking for other blogs that touch on environmental education. Growing Up WILD shared this resource on Facebook and I was intrigued. I instantly headed over to check it out.

Outdoor Explorations for Early Learners is a blog written by the Iowa DNR Aquatic Education Program.

Each post is filled with great ideas for the youngest of our learners! Want to teach your little ones about water or incorporate water into the classroom, check out lots of ideas here.     Or if you are curious about colors and camouflage check out these ideas.  But there is even more great information along the right hand side of the blog. Their link categories include;

  • Crafts and Activities
  • Snacks
  • Nature Games
  • Resource Books
  • Studies and Articles
  • Children and Nature Links
  • and more!

Stop by, check it out and leave a comment letting them know that WAEE sent you!

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