Ready or not here comes some NETWORKING!

One of the great opportunities to network at this year’s Fall Conference was thought up by board member Karla Lockman. Introducing “Birds of a Feather Lunch”!

This lunchtime meal is dedicated to networking with others who share your niche in environmental education. Find the flag that most closely represents your role as an environmental educator or your location in the state. Sit down at that table, introduce yourself and discover all you have in common. Share ideas, find ways you can collaborate and make a plan to do so. Networking is one of WAEE’s main goals and this is active networking with a purpose! Flocks you can choose from include:
DNR Facilitators (PLT, Wet, WILD)
Nature Center Administrators
Elementary Teachers
Secondary Teachers
Early Childhood Education
AP Teachers
Northeast Wisconsin
North Central Wisconsin
West Central Wisconsin
South Central Wisconsin
Southeast Wisconsin
Green & Healthy Schools

This lunch will take place on Friday and we hope to see lots of folks connecting, sharing ideas and learning about what others in their area are up to!

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