WAEE Board of Directors – Who Are They Anyway? {Katie Boseo}

Hi Everyone! My name is Katie Boseo and I am one of the student board members for WAEE. I am now going into my second term on the board and couldn’t be happier to serve such a great organization! One of the greatest parts of being on the board is giving our student members a voice in WAEE decisions. I feel very lucky to represent a very passionate and motivated group of student members. I have helped organize the WAEE Mentorship Program (check it out!) and am looking forward to moving forward and trying out some new ideas for connecting seasoned professionals with new members and students at the upcoming fall conference!

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, pursuing my Master of Science in Environmental Education and Interpretation. Prior to grad school, I was a DNR Naturalist at a fisheries facility and also a school gardens marketing coordinator for UW-Extension. Currently, I have an assistantship with the College of Natural Resources, in which I manage several online environmental education courses and implement various marketing strategies for the online EE and natural resources degree programs for the college. I also work for the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education as the EEinWisconsin.org site coordinator. I love being able to connect environmental education organizations and programs with the people of Wisconsin. It’s amazing how much our state has to offer when it comes to environmental education events, conferences, research, and recreation! If that wasn’t enough, I also was a Portage County 4-H Assistant last summer, where I had the amazing opportunity to develop and implement summer youth programs and assist with 4-H member projects at the county fair.

Growing up on a small farm in southern Wisconsin in a family that truly valued outdoor exploration and experiences is what has fueled my passion for environmental education. My parents were the type of people who took me to Yellowstone National Park instead of Disney World for a family vacation and I spent many summer days horseback riding, fishing, hunting, and hiking around my home. As lucky as I was to be able to grow up in an “outdoors-friendly” family, I realize that not everybody has the opportunity to have the same experiences.  That is why I truly appreciate the members of WAEE who work hard to instill a love and knowledge of our environment in youth and adults across our state. I have met so many inspiring people on the board and in our membership that makes me strive even harder to become an environmental educator that can even a small difference in the lives of others.

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