EE Online Resource – CLEAN

I cannot imagine what it must have taken to get this resource up and running! CLEAN, the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network Pathway is a compiling of digital resources on climate change that have been reviewed by teachers, students and scientists, and then aligned with standards and benchmarks. The goal of this program is to provide a huge database of activities and resources for teachers, making climate change education possible and much easier in grades 6 – 16 (middle school through undergraduate). Incredible, right?

The activities and resources are searchable by grade level or topic area. They are not only aligned with the school system standards but also linked with Climate Literacy Principles, as well as Excellence in Environmental Education: Guidelines for Learning (K-12).

There is also a CLEAN Community allowing teachers to connect with other teachers that might have tried the same activity, need advice on a topic or are just looking to connect with other climate change educators. An amazing tool to help our teachers improve the education they bring to the classroom!!

Read more About Clean!

Try out the CLEAN Collection!

CLEAN is funded through grants by the National Science Foundation.



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