The Latest in EE Apps

For all You Nature-Loving Techies, or Tech-Savvy Nature Buffs 

Ok, Smartphone users, if  you’re in EE and haven’t heard of these apps yet, get excited.  You may just want to read this post with device in hand.  Several folks have passed these along over the past few weeks.  If anyone has more to share, please comment!

1. What Tree is That? app from the Arbor Day Foundation takes you through an easy-to-use dichotomous key on your phone to ID almost any tree in the eastern or western US.  For iPhone.  There’s also a normal computer version for all of us “stone age” phone users.  A similar app is available for Android through Virginia Tech.

2. Common Core Standards App lets you search standards for Language Arts or Math by grade or topic.  For all of us trying to integrate EE with classroom curriculum requirements, this is super useful!  This one’s FREE!  For Android or iPhone.

3. This link has a list of field guide apps for birds, trees, wildflowers, fish, amphibians, mammals, rocks, insects, stars, and animal tracks.  I was going to picNATURE field guidesk out a couple that looked the best, but they all looked like so much fun I had to post the whole list.  You’ll have to choose your favorites!

4. NatureFind helps you locate nearby hiking trails and nature centers.  It also has listings of events at these locations.   FREE! For iPhone.

5. WildObs lets you participate in citizen science on the go.  Log and submit wildlife observations to the Wildlife Watch website.  FREE! For iphone or Android.

If you’re looking for more, the National Wildlife Federation has an excellent list on their Wildlife Promise blog.

Have fun app-ing, identifying, and educating!  Don’t forget to ditch the phone now and then for an electronics-free, wonder-filled adventure.  ;)

About jennicaskoug

A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer making her way in outdoor education.
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