Digital Learning Day and Environmental Education

As Environmental Educators, we sometimes have a dichotomous relationship with technology.  On the one hand, we may want to wrench our students from their ever-present devices and get them out into nature – on the other, we recognize technology as a useful way to help students connect to and understand the outdoors in a way that is interactive (indirectly, at least) and familiar.   The balance of these protechnology and natures and cons depend somewhat on the educator.  Either way, technology is not going away, and understanding how other educators are using it is a must, whether your teaching medium is the woods or the whiteboard.

Today has been called a national “Digital Learning Day” and the Wisconsin DPI is joining in, asking educators to share their stories and start conversations about how they are using technology in their classrooms.  You can get involved in the conversation here.  It would be interesting to add an EE-bent to some of these conversations – giving thoughtful consideration, perhaps, to where we celebrate technology, as well as where we skeptically speculate about it.

Here are some highlight from the Digital Learning Day webpage that I thought could be useful for EE.

Wonderopolis – This website presents a “daily wonder” complete with photos and videos.  Students can read about the “wonder” and post comments and questions, to which they will receive an individual response!

Challenge-Based Learning – Similar to Project-Based Learning, CBL asks students to find innovative solutions to real-world problems.  The link above has some suggested challenged that are connected with the Common Core Standards

But don’t take my word for it – go check it out yourself.  Heck, even post a comment and share your ideas for how we could use (or already use) some of these in EE!

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A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer making her way in outdoor education.
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