Community Works Journal


Free subscription for educators!

I love things that are free – and especially things related to education.  Plenty of educators looking to improve their teaching are just short on cash.  In the age of information, we are lucky to have plenty of resources available for free, but sometimes it is difficult to wade through all the junk to get to the good stuff.  Here is a piece of the good stuff, especially for those interested in a community-focused approach.

According to the Community Works Institute website, the journal “features essays and reflections along with curriculum overviews that highlight the importancsocjusticeurbgard_sme of place, service, and sustainability to a relevant and meaningful education.”

One of the articles featured recently by the journal is entitled Not a Chain Link or a Picket Fence: Social Justice Pedagogy in an Urban Garden Project.  

I definitely recommending checking out this neat EE program featured in the journal.  The journal is also open to a variety of different submissions – a great opportunity to make EE a prominent voice in this excellent resource!

About jennicaskoug

A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer making her way in outdoor education.
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